Live Your Life

by Hellatight

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released May 12, 2015

Written, Produced, and Recorded by Hellatight, including John DeSanctis, Khalil Abdellah, Laz
Mixed and Mastered by Brendan Berniker
Ain't Loyal Produced by MR•CAR/\\ACK
Moon's Current samples Foreign 2 by King Krule
Nowhere Jam samples Asleep by The Smiths
Live Your Life samples Aisatsana



all rights reserved


Hellatight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The Four Horsemen
Slippin', beneath the waves blaze where the devil stays
right in the palace with a chalice.
Plagued on the public like I’m malice
rubbed down in disease and destructive music talent.
If you step, boy come get the talons
I’m a monster on the mountain, you think you slaying?
boy you wildin.
Spit hotter than the summer sun, simmer son
we talking bout rappers, yea I’m the sickest one.
Grosser than a nigga smashing nasty buns
of a ratty chick on some thotty shit with everyone.
Everyone, seems to got a problem when you own the gun
That shoots through the ceiling most niggas keep going on about.
Or maybe my heads in the clouds, lost in the sounds of the world
cause chaos can be the loudest
drum banged by the players who own all the pieces in the game
to pay the richest and create the slums. It’s like
this planet’s just cancerous, all you can do is sit back
with a bag of cannabis.
Can’t this shit change if we all put a hand in it
and try to make a difference I guess people can’t manage it

Pray that the world change
Track Name: Ain't Loyal
Ain't Loyal

I'm not sure what this loyalty is
I'll give my heart to you, but you will not get royalties
Sorta like who produced this beat
Cause I dont give a fuck about ur money or possessions
Whats yours that you cant use is truly ours
and what's mine, I share to you
That means its ours
So I can take it out for a spin
For a night drive
But that's not the reaction I got
you said, did, and responded to nothing while the signs of the world read quite clear
I chase after people who play me
talk off their freakin' ear and am least loyal to those who are right here
Rate me? Fuck ME. fUck ..
Drive my ass around and don't even steer
I got a royalty complex and I dont wanna see next year

And I swear its so subtle,
your a rebuttal of your own thoughts,
it’s so wrong,
these dark songs,
mark it off the record,
check within a second,
thats too much, a soft touch, a new grudge, a new feeling with the same old ending cause were always starting off with a folded fitting,
determined for a new beginning,
mind me to say my own sins ill bless it all away,
well as long as still I’m winning,
god can help me now,
its so wrong, I’m so flawed, and so far, so close call,
on what you used to call home yourself,
you never used to not own yourself,
well turn away a thousand pages earn the new days living,
suits and ties, fly or die, save your mind, its do or die
So where do we all fall off?
Cause nobodies really loyal to themselves anymore
I hope your here tomorrow girl

And where we liven people don't die
Just release their spirits into heaven to kiss the sky,
they run with us forever to wipe away the tears when we cry,
dabbing on our cheeks by the beat of you and I.
By the beat when we smile,
heart to heart connections don't fizzle beneath the morning light.
Slip into our systems a little to teach us something right,
there'll always be a plus to a minus if you solve it, right ?
Feel the electrons through the mic, thinking of all the atoms with a fickle mind.
Shout out to love one time, and to trust two times,
and to believing three times wind chimes make an elegant tune cuz they spread life.
Through melodies damn this breeze is nice,
I think this might be a sign...
Track Name: Moon's Current

Infinity, the air was cold
Found it between you and me
The human soul
Eloquent and fluently
The ivy grove connected our anatomies
Our hearts of gold

Leave it up to the world to fix me god
Said I’m gonna leave it god
Found it between you and me my god but I’m here without you and I need it god
Look through the ocular a difficult a view
Opposite opticals they’re looking at you
Watch how hes acting, watch what he’s lacking, motionless words he’s crazy too but
Where’s the emotion? He’s bowing to greatness
What’s the promise in that, he can’t be famous
And I’m a firm believer of optimism
But Utopia just isn’t possible
You’re walking down the path of impossible
A Corpse filled road full of hopeless souls
If you think you can make it you must be dreaming
If you think you can make it you must be

Infinity, the air was cold
Found it between you and me
The human soul
Eloquent and fluently
The ivy grove connected our anatomies
Our hearts of gold

Blowin' drugs out the window
Know it wont be long now
'til it all falls apart but
I'm drifting, the moon lights my raft
Suicide not my art, I might be punk but I'm not daft
Graceland lay under my shades
Thought I was Lou Reed for a day
And they know Del rocks
So they hand me the aux
I don't try anymore and I yawn when I fuck
But to some it up, man I know whats up
Cause I don't give a what, man if you care the least
you don't need the love

You feel me though
Jump In the river
Fresh water shivers
Just to wake you soul.
Kiss of forever
With your future self promised not to drown below.

Wade in the oceans where the monsters go
Wade in the ocean where the waves are slow,
calm your emotions while your coastin
on a journey with yourself but yourself don't get the notion.
Smooth to the touch like they dipped in lotion,
your goals always glimmer inbetween the crest,
of the sunsets during them winter solstice.
The shine of the light cuz we all are blessed.
Yes you're still breathing there's no need to check,
enjoy life while you livin like there's nothing left,
Yes your still breathing there's no need to fret,
enjoy life while you're livin you dunno what's next
Track Name: Nowhere Jam

I'm always hungry
and water goes right through me
I'm always on edge
The eons wont fill me or wake my tired head
(I'm on edge, wake my tired head)

Go on, go far, I’m sorry to say goodbye
You know I’d take it all the way down to below ground
Down beneath these pillars, ooo you better not spill em
They’ve been talking for awhile
And you must also acknowledge they’ve been walking for some time
Take some time to lament
And let that feeling cement
Time’s getting harder to bend, you stick that feeling true blue to the music let it send you
To wherever you’ve been going these days
You’ve been all off my screens not even a word you could say
So go on on your ways, running around, looking for some solution to the problem
Faded away in dismay, looking for places to stay
I wonder how you could look up into space
Is it hard just to face there was never a point where'd you never have faced a defeat
With your name in my mind, my mind’s on repeat
You’ve turned off the lines, you’ve fallen asleep
Your names on repeat, your life on my mind, you’ve fallen asleep, goodnight

I'm always hungry
'cause I never thought ahead
I'm the only fool on this ship,
my skin bare by the ebb and the flow
'cause I never thought ahead
and I'm the only fool on this ship
my skin bare by the ebb and the flow
(Bare and scraped, by the ebb and flow)

I don’t wanna go
I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna
I don’t wanna know
I don’t wanna show

I don't just gather evidence, I make it
That I'm the victim in this life not fair
Tonight I heard earth's whisper on the air
"Then sleep", she said, running fingers through my hair
Track Name: Live Your Life

Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Part time living no luck
And Now I’m gone in the big blue truck
And I’m blowing out the pass till I know I’m fucked
Blowing out fast keep your number tucked
Going out the pass in the big blue truck

Rapping in the drivers seat, beats on low
Scratchin round the corner whippin in the volvo
Scratchin round the corner whippin in the volvo
Scratchin on the corner, look out for the 5-0

Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Part time living no luck
Now I’m gone in the big blue truck
Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Now that I’m gone in the big blue truck
Part time living no luck
Part time no living
Part time living no