Let Us Be Honest

by Hellatight

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Let Us Be Honest Part 1, from Hellatight [2014] Naked Wednesdays. Listen to the rest of the tape here:



Let Us Be Honest

You niggas ain't fly as
He who's tryna get the highest
Hedon of the Hellatight
He's the highest adonis

I'm stressing
yea I think I'm stressing,
stretching truth knotted noose round pedestrians
in my head hanging down like wood round my neck damn dude so demonic,
fuck you think I'm falling?
Thirty story drop my heart stop pumpin beat numbing don't stop
so I take a lil something that I never took before

Im heading up on that forty,
My drink drunk ordeal,
Concealed in a bottle
My hate lay away,
my name stay in lead
and I’m sipping on that forty
Chiefin along a blunt
My retinas read My visions dead, My legend rest in peace
Im impeached by the few who call me friend
Lend me hand and Ill throw you away
Its ok to not agree
don’t worry bout me
don’t worry bout me
Cause I’m heading up on that forty
My sins washed away

My bottom empties
My bottom's empty
Drink until that bottles empty
You subtweet, spoiled bitch?
Ohh mygodon'temptme
Hittin' all the points I lack
that's not honest
Upon us a new time to crown us timeless rowdy kids who got horns like Cronus
let us be honest!
let us be honest
I'm gon' be honest, I ain't really fuckin' wit you niggas I'm gon' be ..

I feel sky high ,
my soul is passed where the angels go.
I'm feeling lifted my gift is gonna sell out every show.
Holy messiah guide down this wary road
stone cold visions connect the fission of my plight and goal
like it's like light snow melting down on the ground
flaking from the clouds of my dreams guided in gold,
now the light lacks luster,
just a shell of a human who's a fragment of the man that you used to know.

Let us be honest

You gently say with haste
My integrity won’t stay
You gently say with haste
That my city won’t care
But I’m living on fair
Im blowing out dead air
For that they love to say
That my will is weak as lead
but I guess they don’t understand that I don’t understand
Or even wanna make a stance that lands with them
Cause I’m Heading up on that forty
Fuck all of sobriety
My Whip max velocity
Fuck all of society

I'm broken, winchester holster still smokin.
Smirk on the man in the mask who smoked him.
Man in the mirror, red leather's a way better demeanor.
Color of anger but the styles way cleaner.

This that real hip hop that don't stop

Am I not honest?
From the same place I’ve always braced for time whether or not the futures alright
Do you remain in my sight my vision of line
The pressure confines that shit defines us
I lust of you, you lie
Once jealousy we see
Secrecy breaks the seal
Shut your mouth, take a deal, heres a pill for your heals
Whats the purpose of this realm if I’d rather just dream
On and on, fuck off, I can’t get up
Just find something real for me I’m looking for that forty
Let me fucking ask you if I’m being too honest
Stress hit I won’t fess up
Mess up I can’t step up
Who am I to be if I can’t believe me?
Timeless I’m weightless, a sinning son sinister
ah, are you feeling me
ah, i can’t conceal me
Alone I just kill me, I don’t wanna feel me
But thank god for drugs, bitches and liquor I need em

Headin' up on that 40


released February 26, 2014
Written, produced, and recorded by Hellatight



all rights reserved


Hellatight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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