Ain't Loyal

from by Hellatight

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Ain't Loyal

I'm not sure what this loyalty is
I'll give my heart to you, but you will not get royalties
Sorta like who produced this beat
Cause I dont give a fuck about ur money or possessions
Whats yours that you cant use is truly ours
and what's mine, I share to you
That means its ours
So I can take it out for a spin
For a night drive
But that's not the reaction I got
you said, did, and responded to nothing while the signs of the world read quite clear
I chase after people who play me
talk off their freakin' ear and am least loyal to those who are right here
Rate me? Fuck ME. fUck ..
Drive my ass around and don't even steer
I got a royalty complex and I dont wanna see next year

And I swear its so subtle,
your a rebuttal of your own thoughts,
it’s so wrong,
these dark songs,
mark it off the record,
check within a second,
thats too much, a soft touch, a new grudge, a new feeling with the same old ending cause were always starting off with a folded fitting,
determined for a new beginning,
mind me to say my own sins ill bless it all away,
well as long as still I’m winning,
god can help me now,
its so wrong, I’m so flawed, and so far, so close call,
on what you used to call home yourself,
you never used to not own yourself,
well turn away a thousand pages earn the new days living,
suits and ties, fly or die, save your mind, its do or die
So where do we all fall off?
Cause nobodies really loyal to themselves anymore
I hope your here tomorrow girl

And where we liven people don't die
Just release their spirits into heaven to kiss the sky,
they run with us forever to wipe away the tears when we cry,
dabbing on our cheeks by the beat of you and I.
By the beat when we smile,
heart to heart connections don't fizzle beneath the morning light.
Slip into our systems a little to teach us something right,
there'll always be a plus to a minus if you solve it, right ?
Feel the electrons through the mic, thinking of all the atoms with a fickle mind.
Shout out to love one time, and to trust two times,
and to believing three times wind chimes make an elegant tune cuz they spread life.
Through melodies damn this breeze is nice,
I think this might be a sign...


from Live Your Life, track released May 12, 2015



all rights reserved


Hellatight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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